Let Us Know Why Charlotte Rocks!

I was just bestowing the benefits of Microsoft having a campus in Charlotte to one of my recruiting colleagues today and I thought to myself, that it would be even better to hear it from Charlotteans first hand!

So we want to hear your reasons for what makes the Queen City such a great place to live and work and why Microsoft made a great choice in putting one of our campuses there.

Use the “Comment” function below to tell us how you feel.

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7 thoughts on “Let Us Know Why Charlotte Rocks!

  1. When I moved down from the North years ago, and found out that there was an actual campus for MS, I felt fortunate. I’m on campus at least monthly to either host an event or attend an event, and it’s nice that I don’t have to worry about dealing with parking much. Also it’s nice to be able to for a meeting and having a campus feel to have a place to relax during breaks. In a town with so many banking and cooperate headquarters, only makes sense to have a campus type environment for them to come and receive training on MS solutions. I cannot imagine not having a MS campus near me.

  2. Todd Smola

    I currently live in Columbia,SC and am attending a class at this campus and I’m very impressed with the facility and the treatment we received. The training is going great and I just love visit to the company store! Also got to play some Halo in the cafeteria !! I hope to be back in the near future for more training.

  3. Nisarg Gandhi

    I started working 10 months back as a MACH hire at Charlotte and this has been an absolute wonderful experience.
    As a city, Charlotte is amazing. It has everything to offer that you expect from a big city yet it does not burn your pockets. Weather is beautiful for most part and so is the traffic. People are warm and welcoming. This reflects the crowd inside the campus as well.
    It is located conveniently from downtown, has a scenic surrounding and is big enough for the number of people.
    The company store has all that is required.
    The cafeteria has good food and is nice and spacious.
    Infrastructure wise it has all the required amenities and equipments to help us do our jobs well. Ample parking space.
    Basketball and other courts add to the fun and recreation element.
    Enough pool tables, Foosball tables and XBOX consoles around to help you catch a break.
    Charlotte is not an office, it is a campus. It is not the Corporate Headquarters and that is also the best part. There is no corporate game here and that makes it easier for newer people like me to adapt to the culture of work. People working in Charlotte belong here and are very well connected and the support you receive here from your peers is amazing. It is a one big happy family. For CSS I doubt if there is any other space that has the same expertise and helping audience.
    I love working for Microsoft not only because we make great products that help over a billion people around the world achieve their full potential but also because of the great people I work with.

  4. I am loving Charlotte, just moved here about 7 months ago. I live 10 minutes south of Charlotte down on Lake Wylie. The lake is plenty big enough to go out in a boat and do some water skiing or tubing. I am only 20-25 minutes from downtown Charlotte where I can go to the Charlotte Checkers hockey matches, see the Panthers play, go see what is going on at the epicenter, or just get some good food. The White Water Rafting center is also an awesome place to go hang out on the weekends or thursday nights when they have live music.

  5. Shruti Sharma

    I have lived in Charlotte for about two and a half years. I love this place, people are very nice here. There are some really good places to hang out in Uptown which is like around 15 minutes from the Microsoft campus. Also the mountains (Blue ridge parkway) is only two and a half hours away. So you have the mountains and beaches both close by to enjoy your weekends. The weather is great. Doesnt get too cold. Fall and spring is so beautiful! I absolutely love working in Charlotte.

  6. Gregg Johnston

    I live in Indian Land, SC and work in Charlotte. Charlotte has the best of all worlds, nice weather (I sure do not miss shoveling snow in the winter!), culture, sports, city life, and country life. Being a motorcycle rider, riding my motorcycle to work in January is an awesome thing! This is a great area to raise a family and settle down.

  7. Great reasons! I’ve not personally been to Charlotte, but it’s on my list since I have some friends that live nearby. After reading these comments, it has pushed it to the top of my list! It sounds like a great place with mountains, beaches and plenty to do!

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