Two of our own recruiters, Cindy and Heather take you behind the scenes to share their thoughts on the best/worst things about working at Microsoft:


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Microsoft was once labeled the “Evil Empire.” Not surprisingly, our readers often ask us for the good, bad and possibly ugly reality of working for one of the world’s largest technology companies. But let’s begin with a disclaimer: Every employee would add or delete something from this list. So consider this post a subjective take from two recruiters with 18 years of combined Microsoft experience.

The Good

Microsoft products and technology have shaped and continue to create the modern world. In the very recent words of Oprah: “The Surface, Microsoft’s first tablet, feels like a Mercedes-Benz to me, people!”

Even TechCrunch recently said Microsoft has become “kind of cool.” We’re well-established of course, but we still offer exciting tech jobs that bring success and a desirable lifestyle to people all over the world. For the right road warrior, a job as a field engineer for Windows might mean it’s time to dust off an underused passport and get ready to travel in support of corporate customers.

For someone who loves to combine tech and business, there are many tech jobs that might be a good fit. Consider this SDET job, which would give the right person a new opportunity to gain experience with the latest Microsoft Cloud and enterprise-level technology.

As for our work ethic: We celebrate success but we don’t get complacent. We work autonomously on collaborative teams with smart, hardworking colleagues who push us to grow and think strategically. But at the same time, we genuinely care about each other’s interests outside of our 9-5 work.

The Not So Good, but not entirely ugly…

We love our gadgets. We show off our Windows Phones at soccer games, cocktail parties and even to people we just see on the street. Although these “sweet smartphones” allow us to work anytime, anywhere and any place, sometimes it’s hard to unplug. Your colleagues know they can find you even if it’s on a beach in Hawaii. But here’s the flip side: It’s a choice. People here want to succeed.

Today, Microsoft is perceived as the underdog. It’s likely that we will always be compared to other leading tech companies, but those comparisons fire us up. When friends and family need to do a quick bit of research and get ready to search their keyword, we politely encourage them to “Bing it!” We are inspired to build new, stronger, ever more reliable and COOL products. We’re making news with Surface and Xbox, with lots of fun underway. In fact, an envelope-pushing tech job listing has been posted on the Microsoft Careers website: We’re looking for software development engineers to work on Cloud TV .

For the two of us personally, a point of pride is working for the company Bill Gates co-founded in 1975. Whatever your take on Darth Vader, Bill Gates was one of the premier geeks who sparked the personal computing revolution. Not to mention: He is a generous humanitarian and philanthropic visionary.

If you ask us, Microsoft’s 15 minutes of fame are not up yet. The so-called empire in Redmond gives students, interns, people already in tech jobs, program managers, software developers, SDETs, and geeks just about everywhere an opportunity to succeed.

Let us know if you want updates on the new tech jobs. And in the meantime, we’re still thinking about your question. The answer: Depends on who you ask. Since you’re asking us, we say the seesaw is leaning in our direction. To go back to where we started: Oprah is all about how to “live your best life.” In our view, that’s for sure happening at Microsoft.

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