Jobs in IT: Cheers to a new year–and a new you. Our top 6 job-search tips

Welcome to 2013! It’s a new year, and it’s time to show off the new you! Read on for killer tips on how to show your best self and score a job that’s a great match for who you are today.

Our JobsBloggers get you started:

#1: Get noticed! Recruiters spend a good deal of time trying to locate top candidates via the web, forums, and online groups. When we read a good post or see an example of your work, it really makes you as a candidate stand out beyond a resume. So make a video, post on forums, write a blog. Get active and help us find you! – Anne

#2: Make sure your LinkedIn profile highlights what recruiters at companies like Microsoft are looking for. Here are a few ideas:

• A brief summary that highlights your key technical skills such as C/C++, networking, machine learning, etc.

• A full list of your work experience and what you accomplished in each position.

• Passion for technology: Make sure to emphasize any side projects you do in your spare time.

• Educational background: List the degree (s) and thesis topic if you pursued a Master’s/Ph.D. Ideal position: If you are targeting a specific position, make it clear in the summary section of your profile. For example: “I am a systems-level engineer with 10 years of experience. My ideal position would be a C/C++ engineering role with a focus on large-scale distributed systems.”

For Contact Settings, make sure “Career Opportunities” is listed; otherwise, recruiters will more than likely not contact you. – Colleen


#3: Refresh everything. When’s the last time you really edited your resume? Condense older job entries, re-word bullet points, and add any new interests or activities you’ve discovered. – Erica

#4: Make a promise to yourself: Connect with 10 recruiters at companies you would like to work for in the next three to five years. If you feel up to the search, connect with five people who are doing exactly what you want to do in that timeframe at the companies you aspire to work for. Networking opens doors and educates you on what career path these folks have taken to get where they are now. – Eugenia

#5: Focus on your accomplishments and not just your responsibilities. A list of responsibilities merely projects a ‘de facto’ job description. It’s what you achieved—within those responsibilities—that truly differentiates you from the next person. – Steve

#6: Be authentic and show the best you. How to:

• Ask yourself: Who will people see when they read your resume on LinkedIn? Do you need to add a picture? Is your resume complete? To get some momentum, begin following companies of interest.

• Clean up your social media to be sure it’s “employer-friendly,” or make sure privacy settings are up to date.

• Set up alerts on job sites for roles you would pursue.


• Only apply for jobs for which you are truly qualified.

– Theresa

Take note of these recruiters’ wisdom and put it to use. Then take a fresh look at the updated Microsoft Careers site. Good luck!

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