Wanna work with me Wednesday

People often ask me what it’s like being a Premier Field Engineer. It’s hard to describe, because there’s so much to it. It’s the most challenging and the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. If I had to tell you the three things that I love best about PFE it would be the flexibility, the people and the learning.

The flexibility is great. We have our goals, but achieving them is largely left to us. Each customer is different and I am able to adapt to their needs. If you’re like me, that’s very motivating. Flexibility also carries into my work schedule. I may be in a t-shirt working from home one day, and in my suit delivering training the next. I can be getting my hands dirty on a sticky technical issue with the admins, and later be meeting with the CIO discussing migration plans. It’s the perfect mix. I get a deep understanding of my customer’s business, while working with a great team in the best technology company in the world.

That’s another thing I love about PFE, my coworkers. I get to work with the smartest, best people I’ve ever met. We work hard and have a great time, sharing the benefits of our collective experience and knowledge. In addition I get to work with support services, the premier services team and the product groups. There are not many jobs where you work with such a broad range of people. Being around such smart people all the time is inspiring and improves my skills. It’s also fun.

Which brings up the third thing that’s great about being a PFE, learning. I’m constantly learning, new technology, new architecture, new businesses. I never get bored, there is so much cool technology and such great ways to use it. I get to see not only what Microsoft is up to, but also how companies use technology in the real world. This insight really gives my skills an edge. I know how it was designed, how it really works and how it’s used. That is knowledge that’s hard to get anywhere else.

As you might guess, I love working as a PFE. I have flexibility, great teammates and knowledge that is unique in the field and you won’t find anywhere else. I would encourage anyone who is interested in technology and business to take a look.

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