Wanna work with me Wednesday

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Premier Field Engineering (PFE) provides technical leadership for Microsoft’s Premier customers around the world to promote health in their IT environments through onsite, remote and dedicated support services.
Okay, so what does all that really mean? If I’m a PFE, what will I be doing?
Cindy Parrish, one of Microsoft’s Recruiters has been talking to our PFE’s to get their personal stories. For the next several weeks we will answer that question, so that you have a clear picture of the PFE role at Microsoft.
Welcome to Wednesday and an explanation of what it’s like to be a PFE by a current PFE in their own words.
Here’s what Brian has to say about his job:
My name is Bryan Zink and I am a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft. I support the Windows Server platform and specifically, Active Directory. While my main area of focus is the assessment of Risk and Health issues for Premier Support customers, there are many facets to my job.
One day I may be working on a reactive issue dealing with something broken and potentially causing unplanned downtime or even an outage. The next day I may be delivering one of our many on-site or remote assessments helping customer identify issues, implement fixes and optimize the health of their environments. I also spend time delivering workshops and other in-class type services targeted at better understanding Microsoft technologies.
The real core and highlight of my job though, is working with customers. Not only do we get to see the good, the bad and the ugly from a technology standpoint but we get to meet and work with outstanding people all over the world. This is not just a job, it really is an adventure. Want to come and work with me?

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