Wanna work with me Wednesday

Premier Field Engineering (PFE) provides technical leadership for Microsoft’s Premier customers around the world to promote health in their IT environments through onsite, remote and dedicated support services.
Okay, so what does all that really mean? If I’m a PFE, what will I be doing?
Cindy Parrish, one of Microsoft’s Recruiters has been talking to our PFE’s to get their personal stories. For the next several weeks we will answer that question, so that you have a clear picture of the PFE role at Microsoft.
Welcome to Wednesday and an explanation of what it’s like to be a PFE by a current PFE in their own words.
Here’s what Jack has to say about his job:

Why I love what I do

The best thing about being a PFE is the diverse projects and opportunities you’re involved with. Through PFE, I’ve been to places I never thought I’d go like Vancouver, BC. It’s also a great feeling to see projects you’ve worked on being applied in the real world.
The coolest project I’ve ever been a part of was for a major TV network. They used Windows XP desktops to display graphics on screen for their many shows. Since the different shows used the same desktop machines, their employees shared the same desktops and sometimes the previous user would lock the desktop not allowing the next user to log in, which by the way, needed to happen within the 5 minute commercial break between shows. So they tasked us with not only upgrading their desktops to Windows Vista but allowing the next user to be able to forcefully log off the previous user without having admin rights. So the solution was to create a custom button on the lock screen so that users will be able to log off the previous user and login all with those 5 minutes to be ready for the next show. So now whenever I watch that channel and a shows end, I think about the work we did there and how it was possible because of what we do as PFEs.

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One thought on “Wanna work with me Wednesday

  1. I’m an IT Profession in Career Transition with skills in Network, System Admin, Server LAN & end user support admin. I have a dual degree in CIS and NA and working my CCNA. Most of my Postivie Mental Attitude makes me confident I can make a substantial contribution to your company success. Last, I’m excited about the new challenges ahead of me when the opportunity arises.

    I would like to take this prospect to reiterate my enthusiasm and interest for the Premier Field Engineer position. I am very interested in acquiring this job as I am positive in my competence to become an integral part of your company.

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