“Yesterday Technical Engineer, today Support Manager”

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“If you are in Bucharest, Stockholm, Timisoara or New York, I don’t think the difference are noticeable any more. When you enter the office and switch on the laptop you have unlimited possibilities – windows to the world”. Camelia says that life at Microsoft is getting cooler and cooler. “You speak with so many people at the office and from the other corner of the world, learn so many different languages and cultures and you have the flexibility to grow in any are you want. There is nothing stopping you to reach your full potential. It’s cool, try it!”
Camelia is at only 29 years old the Support Manager for the Windows Server and System Center team and is working for Microsoft for 5 years already. She grew is a very dynamic and quick pace starting as a technical support engineer on Italian and French, moved to a technical lead and now a support manager.
While she was a technical lead she faced a series of exams and training which have allowed her to become what she is today.
She starts the day with a “good morning” – smiling. She looks through the agenda, sets the priorities for the day, checks emails, has team meetings, and sets business priorities and so forth. She thinks that no day is like another and neither the approaches to solving different problems for the Support Engineers. Beyond the competences and high level of technical knowledge a support engineer needs a creative thinking. There will be cases where the solution is outside the box or even outside the room (when you need help from people outside your own department or business). Even though the number of skills asked from Microsoft in order to get hired might seem overwhelming (speaking a second foreign language, communication skills, technical abilities) each of our colleagues can set his own program of evolution and mentoring specific to his need so that he or she can develop all these things in parallel.
“Each person has his own way but nobody is sure. During this 5 years I had career mentors and management mentors, not only from Romania but only from USA and Asia. The important thing is to ask from feedback, and not from the people that make you feel comfortable”. Camelia has had sessions of mentoring during the 5 years. After her own first 2 years she started being a mentor for other people in her team so that she could help others reach their full potential.
Camelia says that you can always do a lateral step in the career so that you can learn more technologies and this will allow a broader perspective of the business. While she was a Support Engineer and Technical leas she was constantly doing trainings and presentations, either for new colleagues or for the management. She is a proof that sharing best practices and mutual learning are very good ways of developing in Microsoft.
“Why Microsoft? For the joy she has every days because of the people that surround me, because of the multiple ways of developing my career, because of the way that each experience has modelled my personality. Here I has exited my comfort zone and learn to be dedicated to a job, work a team and how important is to have big bold challenges.

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2 thoughts on ““Yesterday Technical Engineer, today Support Manager”

  1. Michel

    Well, technical lead means some kind of a manager ? No ?

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