Three international siblings share how they each landed their dream job at Microsoft.


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Michelle Feder

Ever since they were kids, the Aslaners loved technology. Now, in Germany and Dubai, the two brothers and a sister have jobs they love—all in the same business group. The three employees explain how they made their family tree flourish at Microsoft.

The oldest: Aydin Aslaner is a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Networking and Security at Microsoft Gulf (Dubai).

Question: When did you discover your passion for technology? And how did you wind up at Microsoft?

Aydin:I always felt I was born to be a geek. It started in childhood with an Atari 2600, Commodore 64, and continued through high school.

I was the first one of us to come to Microsoft, in January 2006. I joined as a support engineer based in Istanbul for German-speaking customers. I had worked in Germany for a Microsoft partner before that.

Since my childhood, I always dreamed about working for Microsoft. I applied for a job and didn’t hear back. I figured, it’s such a huge company, they’re considering a thousand people. In the meantime, I moved from Germany to Turkey for a life change. Somewhat out of the blue, I got a call from the hiring staff, and after a couple of interviews, I was hired. After five years in Turkey in support, where I became an Escalation Engineer in Networking, I moved with my family to Dubai and joined Premier Field Engineering, where I am now.

My brother Milad is a 12-years-younger version of me, with the same passion but more energy. I think he has a very good career growth opportunity at Microsoft. It wasn’t that hard to make him switch from Apple. ; )

The youngest in the family: Milad Aslaner is part of the Premier Field Engineering group, focusing on Windows Reliability and Performance. He is based in Germany.
Before Microsoft I was working in a similar role but for Apple. I always wanted to work for Microsoft but I thought, “I have to build a reputation before I apply.”

Near the end of my time at Apple, I was visiting my brother in Istanbul and I went with him to the office. Aydin gave me a speech that finalized my career decision. He gave me two books, one on Windows Internals, and one on TCP/IP. He said, “Milad, I know you want to work for Microsoft. Read these books, understand them, and be able to explain them to me in the words of an IT decision maker and support engineer.” It became obvious to me that I had learned everything I could from Apple and the next step was for me to join a company where I could utilize the things written in the books.

When the time came, I asked my brother, who was doing technical screenings for Microsoft Support, if he could test me. After about 20 questions, he said, “You are ready.” That’s when he suggested I apply for the role of Premier Field Engineer.

During the technical interview, my manager asked me how flexible I could be on the job. My answer was, “You could send me to Alaska for 10 years. I don’t mind. All I want is to join Microsoft and let my dream come true.” Well, I didn’t have to fly to Alaska but have relocated twice for the company within Germany.

So after two years at Apple, I joined Microsoft. I’m doing exactly what I love and what I always wanted to do.

The sister: Aylin Aslaner is a Technical Account Manager in Germany.

Just like Milad, I always looked up to my older brother. I was always looking at how he was learning and communicating and tried to do the same.

I wanted to have a career that would combine innovation and creativity. I decided to study civil engineering. This is not an area women typically study, but as my mother used to say, “Tell Aylin to run 5 km and she will try to run around the globe!”

With two brothers working in IT, over time I became more and more interested in what they were talking about at the dinner table: how they help customers have a healthy IT environment, and how they prepare for holding sessions at events like TechEd.

One night we were all talking and my brothers were saying how they were working with Technical Account Managers to support a customer. I noticed the job they were describing was similar to the role I had at the time at another company. A week later, I called Aydin. I had looked on Microsoft’s career website and saw a job opening for a Technical Account Manager.

Now I’m working at Microsoft and proud of what I’m doing every day. Besides getting married and having two adorable kids, it was the best decision of my life.

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