“How Joseph managed to secure a job at Microsoft through Networking”


Getting your dream job is all about the attitude! You must be proactive, visible and up to date on social media, be open to criticism, take advice onboard and listen to your guts. Joseph recently secured an exciting job at Microsoft in Nigeria. Take a read at his unusual application journey.

“My career goal, like most IT professionals is to work with a globally rated company specifically Microsoft Corporation, and like for many others, this goal seemed unreachable. As a dynamic Microsoft job seeker, I was conscientiously following new job offers on both Microsoft career pages and LinkedIn. More than I imagined, Microsoft recruiters from all over the world are actively engaged in talent acquisitions, Internet recruiting, head-hunting potential candidates with the necessary skillsets needed for available roles.

Hurrah!!! I got a profile match mail for a PFE SCOM position in Lagos, Nigeria from a Microsoft EMEA recruiter presenting an opportunity for enlistment for this role. I received this with excitement and shock because the recruiter was quick to identify that I have been “actively” on a job search for a position in Microsoft – This implied that my profile was monitored on their vast database, annulling the impressions I had that nobody looks at applications in Microsoft. I was prompt in my feedback to the recruiter’s mail which is notable; you need to act fast as they appreciate your timely response so that they could present you to the recruiting department.

I was first considered for a PFE (Premier Field Engineer) role; I learnt to professionally draft my resume to represent information that corresponds to the role I am applying for. With a quick glance of less than a minute per resume amongst thousands of applications received, a Microsoft recruiter or hiring manager should have a clear idea of what type of role would best utilize your skills.

The interview process commenced with screening from the recruiter via a phone call. Subsequently, I had two technical phone interviews with the team members with increasing complex questionnaires to ascertain my technical specialties for this role. I proceeded to have my next phone interview with the PFE Manager (Hiring Manager) who accessed my soft skills, influence, potential to grow in the team amongst others. It was very expressive as practicable work scenarios questions were asked which was very enlightening.

I was successful and was asked to proceed to the final face-to-face interview with the Nigerian team. I met with the Practice Manager (PM) for TAM based in Nigeria as PFEs usually have some interactions with his team. My entire interview focus got a change from this interaction.

Interestingly, the PM was keen to explore my soft skills; he evaluated my service delivery and customer management skills. The emphasis was no longer on PFE but a general perception on Effective Service delivery and management. Having attained a positive affirmation, He scheduled an interview for a TAM role whilst I progressed further in my PFE interview process. “Microsoft looks out for passion and your innate potentials, we got the atmosphere to harness them”- He said. I was perplexed though it was an amazing opportunity to have myself interviewed for two great roles.

Summarily, I went through additional interviews for the TAM role with confidence in my abilities and positive expectations. I finally got a call from my recruiter extending an offer for a TAM role which was great and I enthusiastically accepted!”

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9 thoughts on ““How Joseph managed to secure a job at Microsoft through Networking”

  1. This is absolutely AWESOME!!

    Thanks for Sharing this!


  2. Bishop22


  3. icon

    Wow! Inspirational, we will learn from this. I am proud to be associated with you, Well done!

  4. Louis Onu

    Wow, dis is so great. Congratulations bro, I hav always known that the sky was your limit from school days. Great news.

  5. Guy u rock.. bros u make me proud.

  6. Uyi Edivri

    So proud of U

  7. Incidentally, I was interviewed for the same role too – PFE SCOM. Congratulations bro. What I got to learn about Microsoft job is to have continued passion for the job. Although, not considered for the role, I have since continued to increase my skill on the solution and strategically waiting for next opportunity. Thanks for sharing This!

  8. Sophie

    That shows how persistence is key to success!!! Amazing story 🙂

  9. That is amazing to hear!

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