Microsoft Global Women’s Conference – 31/10/2013 – Israel HUB

Israel event

Women at Microsoft (ERG) Inspiration to Lead: Explore. Own. Repay.
Microsoft Global Women’s Conference – 31/10/2013 – Israel HUB

Our eighth annual Microsoft Global Women’s Conference starts with our event at Corporate Headquarters, taking place on October 23 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, WA, US, and continues in multiple locations worldwide, bringing women together around the globe.
Our local Women Conference Event will take place on 31/10/13, 9:30, Discovery Auditorium, R’aanana.
Key note speaker: Miki Haimovich is an Israeli well known television presenter.
After studying for a BA in political science from Tel Aviv University, Haimovich began working as a researcher for Channel 1 programmes Mabat Sheni and Boker Tov Israel. In 1990 she began editing the news for the Matav cable channel, later becoming chief editor. In 1993 she and Ya’akov Eilon became the first news anchors on the new commercial Channel 2, until moving to Channel 10 together in 2002. In June 2011, Haimovitch resigned from the Channel 10 news. After her resignation she established the Israeli branch of the nonprofit Org. supporting Meatless Monday and lead the campaign as part of the WW initiative.
Miki is a unique talented senior women who become an icon at the Israeli TV news at every house in Israel. After a long career at the news she decided to move to community affairs initiatives and she is active at verity of community initiatives in Israel.
Save the date and join us as we come together as the Women at Microsoft community!

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