The Microsoft onboarding experience – by Newbies to Microsoft!

The Microsoft onboarding experience – by Newbies to Microsoft!

msft experience by newbies

      Microsoft expeirence by newbies 2

 microsoft experience by newbies 3


Firstly, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am Brett, a Staffing Consultant based in sunny Dubai and my role is to manage Services recruitment for the whole MEA (Middle East & Africa).  Typically vacancies managed by me would include jobs like Architects, Consultants, Technical Account Managers, Services Executives (sales), Engagement Managers, Projects Managers and of course Services Leadership. I’m always on the lookout for top talent and I will always make myself available to chat to everyone remotely interested in Microsoft, it’s kind of my policy; literally! So before I go on any further just know – If you need advice on anything related to vacancies at Microsoft Services, well then I’m your man.

Included in this blog are actual personal accounts of Microsoft Newbies and their experiences of our hiring process and their first days on the job, who of course was all hired by yours truly.  First up is Roger, who was hired as Senior TAM (Technical Account Manager) in Lebanon.   My questions are in bold and remember they was all under oath!  So Roger, how would you describe your initial experiences of your recruitment process?  “The recruitment process started by the end of November 2012 and lasted for one month and half. It was a very professional and very well organized process during which I was guided by the staffing consultant (Brett) who always answered all my inquiries and patiently listened to my demands”.  (Clearly I was bribing him!)

Xavier was hired as a Business Excellence Manager in Dubai and I asked him; what support did he received from the hiring team? “Welcoming experience at Microsoft is great. Structured and planned from day one. Microsoft is a scary company: Billions of customers, billions of revenue, tons of products and tens of thousands of employees. You have the feeling you will never absorb something like that. It is like something that cannot be absorbed by a single person, but everybody was very open and kind, always asking about how it works, and how you feel. I had the feeling they knew better than me what I experiencing. The “Welcome Experience” is great. It helped me a lot in the first days. However it required me to study it, taking notes and reflecting to get full advantage of it. The “MEA onboarding training” was even better, as you have the opportunity to do questions and settle down global concepts to the local reality, and better understand the subsidiary structure. But the greatest thing was the meetings I had with all my colleagues at Gulf and at MEA level. They provided to me all what I really needed.

We hired Blessing as a Senior TAM in Nigeria and she gave her initial thoughts on Microsoft Services?  “The first day I arrived at the office in Lagos, I saw a rollup banner with my name welcoming me, I honestly thought, this cannot be real! The entire welcome experience was so authentically warm and the entire team was very, very helpful in getting me ramped up and ready to deliver on my commitments. It didn’t take long for me to begin to feel like an intricate part of the team. This really helped with my confidence levels when I began to engage with customers.   All in all, I think Microsoft is a great place to work and I especially love working in Microsoft Services because the unique focus on customer value realization resonates very deeply with me. I think TAMs rule and the Premier support offering is unrivaled amongst OEMs!

Last up was Achille, who took the role of Infra Consultant in Nigeria and I simply asked; after joining Microsoft Services is it how you expected?  “To be honest it is more than expected, as it give me the opportunity to learn lots of cool stuff in a very short period of time!”

Well there you have it folks, Microsoft Services is fresh, exciting and “cool”

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