First DigiGirlz Event Held in Turkey!

First DigiGirlz Event Held in Turkey
Microsoft DigiGirlz day was held on 25th October, 2013 in İstanbul, Turkey for the first time ever with 35 high school girls. First of all, I would like to give my special thanks to Future Forum MEA group giving me the opportunity to organize this event and Kemal Özel, supporting me with the organization and to all of our speakers, Burak Bayburtlu, İbrahim Kıvanç, Yasemin Çelik, Ege Önelçin and İpek Tunca.
I would like to start with the feedback video from the organizer of the participants that made us really proud:!574&authkey=!AGDKyU0UALEvOCM
DigiGirlz gives high school girls the opportunity to interact with Microsoft employees and managers on the subjects like career planning, information about technology and business roles, thought-provoking exercises, and interesting Microsoft product demonstrations. We started with a keynote by me, Işıl Efe regarding on why we were there and sharing my professional experiences with the participants.


The second speaker was Kemal Özel, from Turkey HR department, who made a brief overview about MS WW&Turkey, and sharing valuable information how Microsoft supporting diversity and giving very surprising and motivating numbers in terms of women participation in MS Turkey comparing to general IT business.


Our third speaker was Burak Bayburtlu, from MS DPE team who used to work freelance as a blogger before Microsoft.The students were very interested in his freelance experience and corporate life experience. The interesting questions asked to him are listed in the left pane in Turkish  There are smart questions like “Which one do you prefer in IT, freelance or corporate?” , “How do you define “being developer”, “What are the requirements to be a developer?”



Our fourth speaker was İbrahim Kıvanç, from MEA DPE team. He talked on mobile solutions in our daily life, he was just a real example of how to become a “cool geek”  The students were totally engaged and I am sure most of them just dreamed of developping a mobile app. When İbrahim asked them about their ideas for mobile apps, we felt excited again with their creatidigi5ve ideas.

The sixth speaker was Yasemin Çelik, who is an SDM from Services organization and who just participated all student programmes, Microsoft Student Partner, ImagineCup, Internsip and MACH Programme. It was very motivating to listen to Yasemin since it was a very good presentation which was just telling us how her MS dream came true when she was really young, around 20 years old.


The fifth speaker was Ege Önelçin, he made a great demonstration on Windows 8 devices and the students had the opportunity to work on with the devices during the break. He had quite smart replies on questions of opponents’ products


Our last speaker was İpek Tunca, who is the director of MEA CPE, having a real success story and a long MS journey heading up to 13 years, which was started in US, went on different countries in US and going on with a great acceleration in Turkey. She shared her valuable tips & tricks about career advice.


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