Israel R&D Center new recruiting method – special events amid at you!

By Anat Kigel (MGS)

israel recruiting

At the Israel R&D Center, we are always looking for great talents and a great talent is not easily found, we need to find new innovative ways to locate it and woo it over.

In order to tap in to what we know to be obvious talent hubs in Israel, we decided on a new approach.  For the very first time we created 2 unique events aimed at 2 unique populations: experienced engineers and graduates from a special Israeli defense force unit.

Although it is said that the world belong to the young, we wanted to prove otherwise, so we created an event called “Experience Matters”, which was held on Sep 31st where we gave experienced engineers from the industry an exclusive and unique opportunity to get together with great engineers and speakers and   where they could experience and discuss what really matters in technology today.

We send out personal invitations, through LinkedIn, to engineers we found to be top talents.

80 experienced engineers took part in the event, where they met up, talked and heard great lectures.

Eran Yariv, Principal Development Manager, Personalization & User Data- Israel opened the event with an  authentic and unorthodox lecture “Microsoft: Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true”. Eran gave the engineers a glance into the real Microsoft with all the challenges and opportunities.

Our respected keynote speaker, James Whittaker, Distinguished Tech Evangelist, came to Israel especially for both events and  gave an outstanding lecture about “Beyond the Web and Apps, the Next Big Thing in Internet Commerce”, showing everyone that  life can be much easier and  simpler.

The second event, held on Oct 1st, hosted 130 engineers from an elite technological unit in the Israeli defense force. We connected with them through one of our employees. The event started off with some networking followed by another motivating lecture by James Whittaker about “A future worth wanting” where he spoke about what will be the next big thing in future technology. The evening came to a close with a lecture by Leonid Feinberg, from CloudEndure about “Why the cloud’s advantages can be its disadvantages?”

From the feedback we’ve received, both events were considered to be great successes. People were actually surprised and impressed with the great vibe and cutting edge work being done at Microsoft. We showed the best talents that Microsoft is all about “great people meeting great challenges in a fun and open working environment”.

Pictures from the event can be found on our Facebook page

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