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Super Bowl XLVIII: Your 2014 Playbook – 3 Leadership lessons from a Rockstar Football Player

Whether you’re rooting for the Seahawks (GOHAWKS!) or the Broncos, the Super Bowl is always a fun game to watch.

Eugenia Sawa, Staffing Manager at Microsoft gives us some great advice about how we can improve our leadership skills from a true leader himself.


#3 Mr. Russell Wilson.

Enjoy the article!

hawks won

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A graduate’s journey to Microsoft


Karl has been interested about technology from very young age. After primary school Päivölä, a private mathematics and programming focused high school sponsored by Nokia, seemed like a natural choice. Päivölä is a bit different than other Finnish high schools. It is a boarding school, where students study 12 hours a day and start their internship with Nokia research and development labs from first year on at the age of 15. Studies are heavily focused on advanced mathematics and software development. Actually you study the advanced high school mathematics (10 courses) in the summer prior you start in Päivölä. Each day you study just four subjects and students do also their homework in the class. During school year students get every other weekend off and in summer you stay home for one week and then you go back to school for one week. The school method does not suit everybody, but for Karl it was his “thing” from day one. His motivation was to learn software development and get to do it for real projects in the big international software company.

angry birds

After graduation from Päivölä, Karl continued working in Nokia, while starting his studies in Computer Science at University of Tampere. After the first year of his studies, he came across with the Microsoft Student Partner program. Karl applied, got accepted and started his journey with Microsoft. The MSP’s role is to teach students about Microsoft technologies and build Microsoft awareness in their community. The biggest advantage for being a Microsoft Student Partner is limitless networking opportunities in the Microsoft community and building your own personal brand, “getting your name out”, as software professional and MS enthusiast among this community. Besides studying, Karl was actively writing scientific publications and was even granted a patent.

In late 2011, as part of the MSP program, Karl participated in a Windows Phone roadshow “Geeks on Wheels”. The tour featured an RV which travelled across Finland to meet the students sharing the just-launched Windows Phone and Lumia story. Karl got recruited to Symbio, a Microsoft Gold Partner software company. There he worked where his wide expertise was most valuable – in presales, projects and marketing.


While working at Symbio, Karl co-founded a company, Magnificent Eight, to build Windows 8 apps. The timing was critical: this was just around the time of Windows 8 launch. The startup was so successful that it was promoted by Microsoft at the DigiExpo tech fair for thousands of visitors. It was also featured on Microsoft Europe’s front page and competed on the Microsoft Wowzapp hackathon.

Magnificent Sudoku

Magnificent Sudoku, a Windows 8 app built by Karl’s startup, promoted on a BIG screen at DigiExpo

Half a year later, Karl got recruited by AppCampus, a joint program by Aalto University, Nokia and Microsoft. AppCampus is the biggest mobile accelerator in the world, tasked to fund companies in Windows Phone application development. With that position, the interest of local Microsoft subsidiary rose, and eventually Karl got recruited to Microsoft as an Account Technology Strategist as part of Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) program.

As an Account Technology Strategist, Karl is leveraging his diverse background in the software industry. He gets to apply his passion for mobile and cloud technology by providing technology guidance to customers, and orchestrating the interaction between customers and Microsoft resources. In his role, Karl thrives to be recognized by customers as trusted technology advisor for broad and complex issues, while providing technology leadership to IT decision makers.

You can follow Karl at twitter:

If you are interested to follow Karl’s journey and join Microsoft’s graduate scheme then contact Charna Westerhold to hear more about our opportunities.

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Cool news to share! Microsoft announces Scholorship for Students with Disabilities!

Redmond, WA

Microsoft is pleased to announce the launch of the Microsoft Disability Scholarship intended to empower and enable High School Students with disabilities to:

A) Go to college
B) Realize the impact technology has on the world
C) Target a career in the technology industry

The scholarship launched Friday January 17, 2014 and includes a goal to increase enrollment of persons living with a disability in higher education and in the long term, decrease the unemployment bias for disabled persons.

This new program was started by and is supported by Microsoft Employees who will select promising High School Seniors who require financial assistance in or der to enter and successfully complete a Vocational or Academic College Program.

This non-renewable $5000 scholarship will be paid to the recipient’s Financial Aid Office by the Seattle Foundation on behalf of the Disability Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Microsoft.

Want more information?

Contact: Disability Employee Resource Group Microsoft Corporation

Email: Disability Scholarship Fund Seattle Foundation

Travis Petersen

Philanthropic Services Associate Scholarship Manager

The Seattle Foundation
1200 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1300 Seattle WA 98101-3151
(206) 515-2139 direct

(206) 622-7673fax

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Wondering what the best jobs are at Microsoft?

2014 is going to be a very exciting year at Microsoft. Are you considering making a change?

If so, spend some time reading this article from Michelle Feder about 12 or so of the best jobs at Microsoft.

Then, check out the openings in your discipline today!

Hope to see you soon!


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Israel R&D Center new recruiting method – special events aimed at you!

Israel RnD Center Recruiting Method

By Anat Kigel (MGS)

At the Israel R&D Center, we are always looking for great talents and a great talent is not easily found, we need to find new innovative ways to locate it and woo it over.

In order to tap in to what we know to be obvious talent hubs in Israel, we decided on a new approach.  For the very first time we created 2 unique events aimed at 2 unique populations: experienced engineers and graduates from a special Israeli defense force unit.

Although it is said that the world belong to the young, we wanted to prove otherwise, so we created an event called “Experience Matters”, which was held on Sep 31st where we gave experienced engineers from the industry an exclusive and unique opportunity to get together with great engineers and speakers and   where they could experience and discuss what really matters in technology today.

We send out personal invitations, through LinkedIn, to engineers we found to be top talents.

80 experienced engineers took part in the event, where they met up, talked and heard great lectures.

Eran Yariv, Principal Development Manager, Personalization & User Data- Israel opened the event with an  authentic and unorthodox lecture “Microsoft: Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true”. Eran gave the engineers a glance into the real Microsoft with all the challenges and opportunities.

Our respected keynote speaker, James Whittaker, Distinguished Tech Evangelist, came to Israel especially for both events and  gave an outstanding lecture about “Beyond the Web and Apps, the Next Big Thing in Internet Commerce”, showing everyone that  life can be much easier and  simpler.

The second event, held on Oct 1st, hosted 130 engineers from an elite technological unit in the Israeli defense force. We connected with them through one of our employees. The event started off with some networking followed by another motivating lecture by James Whittaker about “A future worth wanting” where he spoke about what will be the next big thing in future technology. The evening came to a close with a lecture by Leonid Feinberg, from CloudEndure about “Why the cloud’s advantages can be its disadvantages?”

From the feedback we’ve received, both events were considered to be great successes. People were actually surprised and impressed with the great vibe and cutting edge work being done at Microsoft. We showed the best talents that Microsoft is all about “great people meeting great challenges in a fun and open working environment”.

Pictures from the event can be found on our Facebook page

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More resume tips from Microsoft Recruiters


Kevin Lamsback (Microsoft Staffing Consultant) and Eugina Sawa (Microsoft Staffing Manager) shared some great tips recently on the Microsoft Jobs Blog that highlighted how job seekers can improve the “skills” section of their resume and get noticed by their dream company. job skills

Their blogs caught the eye of Alison Doyle, job search and employment expert from and she, in turn, wrote a blog to share these insider tips with her readers.

Check out what Alison has to say, here!

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Cloud, Big Data or Mobile Development Professional? If so, 2014 might be a great year for you if you’re thinking about making a job change!


It’s shaping up to be another great year for tech professionals in cloud, big data and mobile development, according to David Foote, CEO of research firm Foote Partners LLC.

Foote says “demand will be about the same in 2014” and continues “But sporadic skill shortages and an onslaught of new certifications will buoy the prospects and pay of professionals in key strategic roles.

Professionals in operational roles are on the wrong side of IT and will continue to lose ground.”

If you’re considering making a change, check out Microsoft Services

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New Year = New job search? Helpful resume tips here!


Whether you find yourself needing to find a new job, or wanting to find a new job chances are it’s been a while since you’ve written or revised your resume.

Our friends over at the have some great resume-writing tips to help you land your dream job!

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