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A day in the life: Architect

Have you ever wondered what “A Day in the Life” looks like for some of our roles here in Microsoft Services?

Join me on this series as we discover just what these people do!

You provide the passion. We’ll provide the opportunities.
What do you think of when you hear Microsoft? We think of passion, we think of inspiration, we think of collaboration, we think of innovation, and it’s our employees who make this happen. At Microsoft we’re changing the way the world works and plays while making a difference in the lives of millions by bringing best and the brightest minds together.
Microsoft Architects operate in one or more of the following areas:

Technology Consulting Services:

The provision of expertise to customers and partners, involving envisioning, planning, developing, and deploying Microsoft® technologies, to meet their business needs.


Participation in the sale and the closure of customer deals.


The successful deployment of leading-edge, large-scale custom software developments into a customer organization.

Strategy and Technical Evangelism:

The development of new service offerings within technical area of expertise. The development and deployment of intellectual capital within customer and partner organizations and across Microsoft. Extend influence within the industry, and work with external agencies to further develop strategy.


The formation and maintenance of effective working relationships with Microsoft partners, the Microsoft product groups, sales and other functions within Microsoft, as well as external bodies as required.

Wanna know more?  Check it out! architect1

Ready for your next career?  Check out our openings today!

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Series: 5 Women of Microsoft Dynamics

Recently, I shared “What is Microsoft Dynamics?” courtesy of a Microsoft Jobs Blog story written by Michelle Feder in February.

In this series, 5 Women want to tell you what’s it like to work at Microsoft Dynamics.

These five dynamic women share their experiences of being part of creating business solutions at Microsoft.

Let’s meet Cecilia Flombaum

Interested in a job with Microsoft Dynamics?

Check out our Dynamics jobs in Microsoft Services or All of our Microsoft Dynamics Jobs

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Our UK Windows Directory Services Escalation Team is Hiring – Support Escalation Engineers.



Its Linda Taylor here again from the Directory Services Escalation team in the UK. In this post, I want to tell you – We are hiring in the UK!!

Would you like to join the UK Escalation Team and work on the most technically challenging and interesting Active Directory problems? Do you want to be the next “Ned Pyle”?

Then read more…

We are an Escalation Team based in Microsoft Campus in Reading (UK). We are part of Global Business Support and we work with enterprise customers helping them resolve the most critical Active Directory infrastructure problems as well as enabling our customers to get the best of Microsoft Windows and Identity related technologies. The work we do is no ordinary support – we work with a huge variety of customer environments and there are rarely two problems which are the same. We are the experts in our field and we work closely with the product group.

You will need strong AD knowledge, great customer services skill, strong troubleshooting skills and great collaboration and team work.

You can find more of the job details here:

Support Escalation Engineer – AD / Windows Identity…and


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What is Microsoft Dynamics? Series: 5 Women of Microsoft Dynamics tell us

Recently, one of our Staffing Managers shared a presentation which outlined 5 dynamic women that work in Microsoft Dynamics.

Starting next Tuesday, I will be hosting a 5 week series featuring Women of Microsoft Dynamics and sharing the stories that Microsoft Jobs Blog brought together.

women of dynamics

*photo courtesy of Microsoft Jobs Blog


What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Imagine a suite of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use business solutions tailored to your market, designed for your business size, and dedicated to growing your business through happy customers.

Microsoft Dynamics offers a full range of software focused on delivering business insights that matter to both you and your customers.

From customer relationship management (CRM) software to enterprise resource planning (ERP), from supply chain management to business intelligence and reporting, Microsoft Dynamics has a business solution that’s just right for you.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we will learn more about these great Women and their roles in Microsoft Dynamics.

Keep your eyes open for the series and check out the Dynamics jobs in Microsoft Services while you’re waiting!

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Microsoft’s Power BI For Office 365 has launched!

Recently, Microsoft’s Power BI For Office 365 launched.


Power BI for Office 365 is a cloud-based business intelligence service that provides people a powerful new way to work with data in the tools they use every day, Office 365 and Excel. For example, Power BI allows people to visualize their data in Excel with the help of Power View and Power Map. Learn more about it here and if you’re interested in a job with Microsoft Services, check out our openings here!

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Heroic Women of 2013

Bing took a look back at some incredible women of 2013.
Let’s meet those 10 Women who overcame tragedy, broke barriers & changed our world in 2013.
Malala Yousafzai:  Who stood up to educate us all.
Margaret Thatcher:  Who blazed a trail.
Adrianne Haslet-Davis: Who vowed to dance again.
Gabrielle Giffords: For getting back up to fight for others.
Diana Nyad: Who persevered.
Janet Yellen: Who shattered the glass ceiling.
Antoinette Tuff: Who said “I love you” to save a school.
Angela Merkel: For having the strength to lead again.
Edith Windsor: Who won a victory for equality.
Deb Cohan: For dancing to inspire us all.
In 2013 we had the privilege of showcasing a very special song, Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” in our Windows marketing campaign, which inspired us to take a different approach to the “Year in Review.”  We sought out women who spoke out, stood up, led, persevered and fought their way through adversity and challenge to come through the other side triumphant.  Some of these women are well known, others less so but equally impactful in their own way.  We honor these women and those like them and hope their stories inspire us all in 2014.
Check it all out here!
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International “Safer Internet Day”

do one thing

Yesterday was international Safer Internet Day (SID), an annual event designed to promote a healthier, more vibrant Internet for everyone.   In keeping with this year’s theme, “Let’s create a better Internet together,” Microsoft launched and participated in a number of activities around the world.

  • A new, interactive website ( where we’re encouraging people to “Do 1 Thing” to stay safer online.  The site allows employees to share their pledge to help create a better Internet, and learn what others are doing to avoid online risks.  Encouraging people to commit to just one, new good habit or practice, they’ll also be helping TechSoup Global, an organization that delivers technology to those in need.  Whether you download and use the #Do1Thing icon on your social media profile or participate in a variety of other activities, TwC Online Safety will make a donation to TechSoup. <—- Be sure to watch the #Hashtag, you’re it! video!
  • Results of the third annual Microsoft Computing Safety Index (MCSI). Conducted in 20  countries/regions, the survey asked more than 10,000 Internet users about their online safety behaviors.  Results show the annual worldwide impact of phishing and various forms of identity theft could be as high as $5.0 billion, with the cost of repairing damage to peoples’ online reputations higher still at nearly $6.0 billion.  Still, only one in five (21 percent) of those surveyed said they take advantage of web-browser filters to help protect against phishing, and less than a third (31 percent) said they educate themselves about protecting their online reputations.  Even fewer respondents said they use technical tools to edit or delete info about them online (19 percent), or use search engines to “Bing themselves” (15 percent).  Check out the MCSI results, and learn what you might do to help raise the collective score.
  • Helping to sponsor the first officially recognized U.S. SID event in Washington, D.C., hosted by  Young people, educators, representatives from technology companies, youth-serving organizations and government officials, including U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) will celebrate the positive ways we all use the Internet.  One of two panel discussions will feature a youth-moderated discussion, including Xbox Enforcement chief Glenn Kaleta.  The event was streamed live on Facebook Live and at Videos of the event will be posted soon on the website.
  • Also, employees near the Redmond campus visited the Redmond Campus Stage @ The Commons for online safety activities and prize raffles.


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Today on Microsoft Channel 9: Defrag Tools: #76 – Escalation Engineer


In this episode of Defrag Tools, Trey Nash and Jason Epperly join Chad Beeder to talk about their roles as Escalation Engineers in CSS.

What is Channel 9?

Channel 9 is a community. We bring forward the people behind our products and connect them with those who use them.

We think there is a great future in software and we’re excited about it. We want the community to participate in the ongoing conversation.

This is the heart of Channel 9. We talk about our work but listen to the customer.

Learn More…

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Congratulations to the Super Bowl Champions: The Seattle Seahawks!

I may be a bit biased, but can I just say, What an AMAZING GAME!?! (Sorry Bronco’s Fans…)

Did you happen to catch the Microsoft Commercial in the 4th Quarter of the game?

In case you missed it, here it is:

You knew you’d be learning more about Steve Gleasongleasonthe former Pro Football Player battling ALS using Microsoft technology to improve his quality of life.

Were you, like me, surprised and left wanting to know more about the other stories highlighted in the commercial?

Like Little Braylon O’Neill:

braylon oneill

He was born with a genetic birth defect and thank so to Microsoft Technology, he’s growing up playing sports like any other child his age.

Or how about  Hal Lasko:

Hal lasko

This 97 year old Grandpa who was a (by hand) graphic designer for years before his eye sight started failing him.  Today, because of Microsoft Technology, he’s still able to enjoy what he does best.

 Mr. Bedley’s class:

mr bedley's cass

How cool was this? Have you played Mystery Skype today?

Swedish Hospital

swedish care

Wow! I’m not sure I’ll be able to look at my Kinect the same way, ever again!

And then there’s Sarah Churman


Being a Mother myself, this story was amazing to me. I remember when the clip first made it’s way around the internet. I had no idea at the time it was Microsoft Technology that helped make it happen.  I should’ve known!

But don’t just take my word for how awesome these stories are.  Check them out here!

Which story is your favorite?

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Microsoft: First Super Bowl Ad on Sunday – You may need a tissue!

Friday, we saw how the 12th Man showed their Pride and Passion on campus.

12th man flag on campus

If you think THAT was cool, wait until you see what Microsoft has in store for its first national Super Bowl ad.

Meet Steve Gleason. He’s a former NFL player famous for blocking a key punt during a Saints game in 2006. Steve announced in 2011 that he’s battling ALS. More commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.   See here how Steve is using Microsoft Technology to better his quality of life.



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