Great Career path for Greater Women!

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One of our dedicated staffing consultant in Egypt has been collecting some amazing feedback from two talented Premier Field Engineers part of the Microsoft MEA team. Read their stories – you will get a feel on what it’s like to be an active working woman, both professionally and personally successful!

What do you value most at Microsoft?

–          Pelin: “Microsoft values employees as equal without considering their nationality, religion and gender. Diversity is strongly emphasized to give everyone equal chance.”

–          Lamia: “Microsoft values defined in the investments MS putting in people which you can’t find frequently in many organizations and this investments divided it equally between all employees regardless about the gender or any other considerations so, everyone has the chance to grow and success.”

What is the best part of your job?

–          Pelin: “Challenge. You use all your abilities and tenant to be most successful.”

–          Lamia: “I agree with Pelin it’s Challenge and Competitions. As we are working in a big organization with high standard of people from skills either soft or technical skills the competitions will be high and always you will find someone who is raising the bar!”

How do you manage the work/life balance?

–          Pelin: “There is no difference between female and male employees in that subject. We all need to work hard when needed but we get compensation when needed, which helps us to spend time with our families as much as we can.”

–          Lamia: “I agree with Pelin. There is no difference between female and male employees in that subject. However, I believe ladies can lead in Microsoft and take managerial paths as we have a great female Microsoft material who can be used to serve Microsoft in leadership positions. And always there is a room to rest when it’s need it!”

What advice would you give to other females from your country/area, potentially considering joining Microsoft?

–          Pelin: “There is no easy job. If you want to be successful and be proud of working for the world’s leading technology company, you need to work hard but what you get at the end will be well worth to it.”

Lamia: “Be unique in any environment one of the tasks which you need to achieve with hard working and creativity and that in any organization and when it comes to Microsoft be creative and taking new challenges one of the keys to success  and that what Microsoft build and invest

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