“Change is the only constant”

change is the only constant

A lot has happened since I joined the MACH program.

Why I decided to join in the first place is something you can read on Meet the MACHs – Stefanie Steenbrugge.

This is the sequel of my story.


Only one year after my debut as a Marketing MACH, I was offered to take on an additional role as Partner Account Manager for Learning Partners. I immediately believed it was the perfect opportunity to get introduced into the world of sales and broaden my knowledge outside my comfort zone. I changed direction, but so did Microsoft, and so did the people around me. Managers and team members came and went. Colleagues became friends, all sharing experiences in one big international network of young professionals. Eager to learn and continuously adjusting to an ever-changing market, I acquired new skills whereas Microsoft acquired companies such as Nokia and Yammer.

Combining both roles was challenging, exhausting at some times. However, it taught me to work more efficiently and to prioritize, and at Microsoft hard work pays off. By the end of my second year I received a Gold Excellence award, a special honour for top performing employees. Each time I get to the next level, I can hardly believe I just did. Microsoft has the ability to reveal talents you thought you never had. Thanks to a wide range of soft skill trainings and the possibility to attend highly valued IT networking events, the sky is the limit. Never think something is a bridge too far. Always remember you are surrounded by many intelligent and highly motivated people who will never withhold a helping hand. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, from colleagues or customers, inside or outside your team. Use their suggestions as bricks to build any bridge you want.


What changes will you make this year? Start by checking out job opportunities in Microsoft Services here!

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