A day in the life of an Enterprise Architect: Nichola J. Pelot

Nic - work profile

I’d like to introduce you to Nichola J. Pelot. She’s an Architect, Enterprise Strategy in our Services group here at Microsoft.  Nichola has been with Microsoft for 9 month’s now, and she’s about to tell us what she does, and why she does it.


Tell us what you do in your day to day role:

Each day brings different challenges and different rewards, and it is rare that any two days are the same, which makes the role both exciting and rewarding.

At its core my role involves helping our clients understand how they can maximize their technology investments to deliver value for their business.

Often I am called upon to act as a bridge between the technical and business community; being a great listener, a great communicator, and having a great deal of empathy are key attributes to being successful.

Being able to understand the business drivers and challenges and speak to the business in their language is foundational.

Being able to talk to the technical teams in their language is crucial.

I tell friends that my role requires me to be bi-lingual – conversing in the language of technology one moment and in the language of business the next.

Switching between the two styles happens regularly and often occurs in meetings with both groups present.


My role involves helping an organization to change how it views technology, and as we all know, change is hard.

However, there is nothing more rewarding when you see both the business and IT come together with common goals, a common language and a common solution.


Practically speaking, I can be developing presentations to give to IT leaders or business leaders on one day; the next, working with the IT strategists on developing a framework to help define their approach to “going to the cloud” or “going mobile”; the next, preparing for and leading workshops to understand the employee or client journeys. Suffice to say, variety is at the heart of this role.


How does your role at Microsoft enable you to have an impact on the world?

My role helps me to have an impact on the world by helping others to excel.

By helping clients to accelerate delivery of a new product, new idea, new capability, I help them to be successful.

The clients I work with range from banking organizations, to engineering organizations, to travel organizations.

Each of them have an amazing set of offerings for their clients, by helping them to better serve their clients I am having a positive effect on the world.

Looking internally Microsoft has an amazing culture that embraces sharing. Sharing your experiences, your knowledge, and your ideas. As a result, I have an impact on my fellow employees by actively participating in this culture, and my fellow employees have had a huge impact on me in sharing what they know.


What made you decide to work at Microsoft?

I chose to come work for Microsoft based on my experiences of interacting with their employees.

The positive attitude, thirst for learning, and enthusiasm for Microsoft’s products, offerings, and capabilities was infectious, and I wanted to become part of that family.


What is it about Microsoft that keeps you here?

Being a relatively new employee, the same drivers that brought me here are keeping me here.

I have learnt not only are my colleagues enthused about the company and its products, but also, they are genuinely interested in me, my views and what I have to offer and are exceedingly willing to help however they can to make me successful


What activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

As a Floridian, by way of Scotland, I enjoy anything that involves being in the sunshine and the warmth. From paddle boarding, to swimming, to sailing.


nichola Pelot word cloud.jpg

Thank you Nichola!

If you are interested in a career with Microsoft Services, you can learn more and search for jobs here!  Microsoft Services Careers

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