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Global Delivery Hiring Story

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So if you ask what our Services Staffing in MEA and EMEA are busy with, the answer would be the Global Delivery hiring! We wonder more about the team and hiring so let’s listen the story of Global Delivery team from Ramshanker Krishnan, our Consulting Practice Director for Global Delivery…

So Ram, would like to know more about your background just in brief? How did your journey start in this business?

I started with MS in 1999 as a Consultant and then took position as a Support Manager in Redmond. My journey with Services started in Global Delivery (GD) back in India years ago. GD was 13 member organisation and today it is great to see that we have grown significantly. More than anything, we have become a critical function in Services and Consulting to help our business.

What is a good early story about the Global Delivery (GD) business?

We started very small back in India and the idea behind GD was to provide capability for MS services to do larger end to end projects for our customers. There was a strong feedback from our customers that they would like to see MS to have much more scale in the game. So as MS Services being evolved from a technical consulting into now handling a lot more into the outcome to the customer, GD has a phenomenon role in playing a delivery engine and capability that is a truly world class to help our customers get the best of the Microsoft platform- investment that they can make it.

What are some of your greatest challenges in your business you’ve been facing?

There has been so much change in customer expectation what the cloud first or mobile first world look like for our customers. Internally; travelling is a challenge; quickly responding to customer needs and placing resources for customer locations. Immigration and mobility could also be challenge. But we can see all these challenges as opportunities. Consultants have the opportunity to work in the time zone. They have a large spread to cover.

What is the team’s impact on Microsoft technologies?

One of the things is the best use of the technologies within our customers’ scenarios. We face unprepared situations where we work closely with Product teams by building bridges. When we involve in these projects, there is a huge amount of learning that we can share with the partner. In return, we can also provide our feedback on these technologies to the Product team.

Could you tell us a little about the Consultants and how they work? What is the most exciting part of this Consultant role?

The goal is to be able transfer the business requirements of customers into technical implementation of MS technologies. Really understand our customer’s requirements very well and what they try to accomplish. The whole IT industry is transforming. We’re talking about mega trends so helping customers through what they are trying to accomplish in their business. Coming up a very solid approach, plan and finally follow up to meet the timelines and costs is the primary of the role. In terms of consultants, we are hiring very strong technology standpoint. Especially the customer that we hire in the time zone close to the customer, they need to have exceptional customer management skills; in terms of communication, setting expectations, being able to present to senior executives. So a really big focus apart from the technical area is the communication and customer management as well.

Exciting part is the delivering a technical solution. With MS, other good thing is you will be working with latest and greatest which is exciting. The amount of learning is tremendous through various channels that we invest in Readiness. Events and platforms – huge amount of investments in Consultants. The second piece is when they actually implement them. MS Consulting and Services is focused on taking customers forward.

Whom we are targeting in these hiring across EMEA and MEA?

Strong customer focus to deliver project, technically strong and mobile professional

What is your vision for this team in the near future?

This team is currently positioned to have a really big impact, we spent a lot of time and effort to mature the capabilities in-country and then in the off-shore centres. Now we clearly see the need for us to grow the capabilities is the near shore piece.

What advice would you give to potential Consultants considering joining MS?

This role is for people who are passionate about customers and technology.

My only advice is find your passion is and then if you want your potential to be realized there is no better place than MS!!


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