What is your one?

What is your ONE?

As the New Year is upon us, we naturally reflect back on our accomplishments and what we have left unfinished. Some of us make resolutions for the year ahead and others look forward to what new opportunities may be presented. With a fresh new year brings excitement for all that can be achieved.

The past is a powerful place that far too often draws us back into our comfort zone. It’s the place that keeps people from discovering their unique purpose. In order to step out of our comfort zone we need to see what that place of unknown looks like. The science world tells us that water is hot at 211 degrees, however, at 212 degrees (just ONE more degree) water boils and when water boils there is steam, and steam can push a locomotive train. That ONE degree is a shift from mediocre or just good enough to GREAT. The “ONE” is not satisfied with good participation they demand the GAME changer attitude. The ONE moves from being the “HOT ONE” to the “Boiling PRODUCER.”

By challenging ourselves to move past our comfort zone into that ONE more state of mind, we will never know what we can achieve or how our efforts will mold the success of others. Just ONE more is the “curator of dreams personified!”

What does that ONE look like for you?

Wishing you and yours the best this New Year!

Written by:

Michelle Hart

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