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Heroic Women of 2013

Bing took a look back at some incredible women of 2013.
Let’s meet those 10 Women who overcame tragedy, broke barriers & changed our world in 2013.
Malala Yousafzai:  Who stood up to educate us all.
Margaret Thatcher:  Who blazed a trail.
Adrianne Haslet-Davis: Who vowed to dance again.
Gabrielle Giffords: For getting back up to fight for others.
Diana Nyad: Who persevered.
Janet Yellen: Who shattered the glass ceiling.
Antoinette Tuff: Who said “I love you” to save a school.
Angela Merkel: For having the strength to lead again.
Edith Windsor: Who won a victory for equality.
Deb Cohan: For dancing to inspire us all.
In 2013 we had the privilege of showcasing a very special song, Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” in our Windows marketing campaign, which inspired us to take a different approach to the “Year in Review.”  We sought out women who spoke out, stood up, led, persevered and fought their way through adversity and challenge to come through the other side triumphant.  Some of these women are well known, others less so but equally impactful in their own way.  We honor these women and those like them and hope their stories inspire us all in 2014.
Check it all out here!
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Microsoft Charlotte Employees Help Out After Tornado

Some of you may or may not be aware that this past week-end Charlotte experienced a Tornado where a 7 year old little boy by the name of Jamal  Stevens was thrown  350 Ft away from his home landing on the side of the interstate. Jamal who is a twin, suffered only minor injuries where he and his sister where released from the Hospital today.  Jamal’s biggest concern was that his beloved Xbox Video Game Console didn’t survive the storm.  After reading the story there has been an outpour from Microsoft Charlotte Campus Employees wanting to purchase Jamal a new Xbox Console.  Special Thanks to Lex Thomas, Principal TAM and Leonard Ross, Sr. Technical Account Manager from the Services Team, Jamal received a new Xbox 360 Kinect , six Xbox games, a Xbox Live Subscription and a Microsoft Kids Sweatshirt. (

-Story courtesy of Michelle Thomas, Citizenship & Public Affairs Manager @ Microsoft Charlotte Campus

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