“Creating History in Romania with Bill Gates!”

Bill Gates Romania

“In the moment we have been face to face with the whole Microsoft history. Our expectations have changed since we met Bill Gates at the opening of the center. The expectations are still there, but now we were the ones to create history.”
Attila, Technical Lead for the Global Business Support Center tells us with emotion about that moment, six years ago, when he met the founder of the company who was visiting Romania for the inauguration of the center.
“Technical and communication skills, knowing a second language besides English, thinking out of the box are the criteria we had then in the job description and we still have today. I think that people outside the company who want to work for Microsoft see us a as fortress that is very hard to conquer. But, I also think that the job description translates differently in Microsoft. In essence it’s about the potential, how fast you can grow in Microsoft, and how much each person wants this for himself. I think these things are in the DNA of all my colleagues”
The people from the Global Business Support team work in virtual teams from all over the world, which enables them to be involved in international projects. Attila tells us that he cannot name one particular success which remained in his memory because there are moments each day when one member of the team does a remarkable thing. “From companies and Romanian institutions which were realized by implementing complex solution to big clients abroad, all the projects that we are doing allow us to exponentially develop our skills”
Attila is with Microsoft since 6 years ago and is now a Technical Lead for the Unified Communications team and also an Acting Support Manager. He is combining advance technical skills with his soft skills, managing to help a team achieve international performance.
“Exchange was the first Microsoft technology he worked with, for 3 years, and he felt that he must develop a further vision of the technologies and communication so he did a lateral step to Unified Communications (Voice Mail, Lync Server, Lync Client, Lync Web App, Lync Mobile, Conferencing, Enterprise voice). For example, we are now working on a project for the government of a certain EU member. That makes you feel connected with the transformation of the whole world and that you have a real impact on this accelerated transition.”
“For a Technical Lead in Microsoft there is no routine. The world is moving fast and the company is dynamic. If you are motivated and self-driven you can develop in multiple areas in an accelerated rhythm. Leadership and professional skills was the training that made me aware of my potential of influencing people around me in each interaction. By doing so, I became better in the approach of difficult situation, key clients and motivating people around me. That training was the mental step I did towards the Technical Lead role.
Attila also tells us that with the opening of Global Business Support in Timisoara he will have the opportunity to further develop his skills.
“I believe that as we collaborate with teams from India, Sweden, Germany and France, the place that Microsoft has in people’s minds is going to be more important than the geography. This is because the company invests hugely in people’s development. Microsoft is looking for potential, not perfection; for people who are going to get full support in reaching the maximum potential.”

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